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To connect instrumentation back to the DAQ system in the control room, strain and voltage cable bundles are laid inside the covered trenches along the east and south side of the test bay. The bundles come out of the trenches and terminate into connection boxes at several locations throughout the bay perimeter to provide easy hook-ups for the sensors attached to specimens.

NEEShub is a web-based centralized data repository for managing, sharing, storing and publishing data. A complete listing of MAST sensors and calibration information is also available in the NEEShub Sites Map section.

MAST Laboratory
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Dept. of Civil Engineering
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Instrumentation Equipment
Interconnect Box & Calibration Stand


The MAST Lab owns a large number of sensors available for use in experiments, including (see Instrumentation Inventory for detailed listing):

  • Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDTs) & Conditioners, String Potentiometers, and Tiltmeters.
  • Nikon Dynamic Measurement Machine (camera, space-probe, leds).
  • High capacity clevis-style loadcells - 4 x 600,000-lb and 2 x 1,000,000-lb.
  • Vishay Micro-Measurements 10-channel 2100 strain conditioner.
  • Dual use interconnect-boxes and cabling for connecting instrument to daq.
  • ± 15V excitation source at interconnect-boxes.
  • 40-inch Trimos height gage for tiltmeter calibration.
  • In-house developed calibration program to streamline the process of collecting and calculating calibration values.
  • Decade resistor for strain channel verification.

Instrumentation Inventory

An inventory of instrumentation is available for use during tests and in research projects.

Download the complete inventory in an Excel document icon spreadsheet

Or, view the individual items here.

String Potentiometer

String Potentiometer, Unimeasure P1010
ModelMeasurement RangeQuantity

Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT)

  • Maker: Macro Sensors
  • Provides single degree of freedom measurements.
  • SQ-series provides extreme durability and simple mounting
LVDT Macro Sensors PHR812
LVDT Macro Sensors SQ1250
InstrumentModelMeasurement RangeQuantity
LVDTSQ1250​-​1000 ±1.0" 27

LVDT Signal Conditioner

LVDT Signal Conditioner, Schaevitz ATA2001
  • Maker: Schaevitz Sensors
  • Model: ATA2001
  • Quantity: 75
  • Analog Voltage Output: ±10 VDC
  • Device Manual


Tiltmeter, Applied Geomechanics 716-2B
  • Maker: Applied Geomechanics
  • Model: 716-2B
  • Quantity: 6
  • Measurement Range: high gain - ±8.0\B0, low gain - ±0.8°
  • Data Sheet
  • Product Website

Load Cell & Signal Conditioner

Strainsert 2 DOF Load Cell
Strainsert Load Cell Conditioner
  • Strainsert Load Cell Conditioner SCD1G08
  • Manual
InstrumentModelMeasurement RangeQuantity
2 DOF Load Cell CPA-7.0 (SS) X 1,000,000 lbs 2
2 DOF Load Cell CPA-7.0 (SS) X 600,000 lbs 4
Load Cell Signal Conditioner SCD1/G08 ±10 VDC 6

Nikon DMM

Krypton K600 Camera
K600 Camera1
K600 Controller1
Space Probe1
Sync Cables1
20 Port Strober5
3 Port Strober13
8m Strober Extension Cables6
Camera Tripod1
K-Reference Bar1
Calibration Stand1
LED Mounting Kit 1
Lens Cleaning Kit1