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MAST Laboratory
2525 4th St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

612-626-9561 main
612-624-5964 fax

Dept. of Civil Engineering
500 Pillsbury Drive SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

612-625-5522 main
612-626-7750 fax

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MAST Laboratory

MAST system is housed in the MAST laboratory building on the East Bank campus of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. The MAST laboratory building features a test bay where the MAST system and the strong wall and floor reaction system is located, and a control room, located immediately east of the bay, where experiments can be monitored and carried out.

Also available is a staging area for construction and demolition of the test specimen. The office areas for staff and visiting researchers, and also a conference room with a capacity for 14 people, are located on the south side of the building.

High pressure air ducts for power tools are available through out the facility.

Facility Dimensions

Test Bay 35 x 35 ft click to enlarge
Staging Area 35 x 35 ft
Loading Bay Area
(one standard size semi-trailer truck)
12 ft wide x 45 ft long
Loading Bay Door 12 ft wide x 16 ft tall

Moving and Lifting Equipment

The MAST Lab is equipped with a 50-ton overhead crane and a 3-ton overhead crane for moving construction materials and specimens in the test bay and the staging area. Also available are a 32 ft Scissorslift, a 24 ft Scissorslift, and a 9000 lbs capacity forklift.

Lift/Crane EquipmentManufacturer/SupplierSchedulingNotes/Photos
50-Ton Overhead Crane Dearborn / Soper/Knutson seperately
  • crane photo
  • 3-Ton Overhead Crane Soper/Knutson seperately
  • crane photo
  • 9000-lb capacity Forklift Komatsu / United Rental seperately
  • Model: FG45ST-5
  • forklift photo
  • 32-ft Scissorlift SkyJack / Herc U Lift not seperately
  • Model: 4832
  • loading capacity 600lb
  • scissorlift photo
  • 25-ft Scissorlift JLG not seperately
  • Model: 2630ES
  • loading capacity 500lb
  • Specifications
  • 21-ft Scissorlift Genie not seperately
  • Model: 1930
  • loading capacity 500lb
  • Specifications
  • Construction Tools and Equipment

    The MAST Lab owns hand tools, power tools and construction equipment that are available for researcher use. Major equipment are listed below.

    • Wide range of hand tools including hammers, screwdrivers, wire cutters and strippers, standard wrenches and torque wrenches, a torque multiplier, etc.
    • Power tools including a circular saw, band saw, miter-saw, cut-off saw, grinders, a magnetic drill, hand drills, Hilti construction drill, etc.
    • Pneumatic tools including an impact wrench, chipping hammer and jackhammers
    • Lincoln DC600 electric welder with wire feed and arc-gouging. oxy-acetylene cutting torch
    • Frame scaffolding system, with components to build nine 5ft tall levels of 5 ft wide by 7 ft long by frames
    •     - Waco-Red Scaffolding System
    • EFCO Super Stud framing members
    •    - EFCO components consist of the 9x9 EFCO SuperStud system, includes lengths of 9", 18", 36", 73", and 144".
         - Includes swivel feet (one direction only) and 4 high capacity wheels and brackets to connect the EFCO components to the strong floor or strong wall.
         - EFCO Technical and Dimensional Data
         - EFCO frame photo
         - EFCO attachment brackets
    • Fastening equipment including Supernuts
    •    - Supernuts Installation Guide
         - Supernut specifications

    Please contact MAST staff for a complete list of tools, or to check availability of a specific item.

    Use of any tool or equipment in the MAST lab is subject to the guidelines specified in the MAST site access and safety policies.

    The MAST Lab does not provide equipment for batching or mixing concrete. Concrete cylinder and steel coupon testing is available at the U of MN Structural Engineering Lab, subject to a recharge fee.

    Office and Conference Room

    Staff offices and conference room are located on the south side of the building. The office area has furnished cubicles for use by visiting researchers.

    Services available for use by visiting researchers:

  • On-site printers, a copier, a scanner, and a fax machine
  • High-speed wireless network connection
  • General office supplies such as pens and paper

    The conference room is equipped with a projector, a projection screen, and teleconferencing equipment. The room accomodates 14 people.

    Note: The MAST Laboratory does not provide computers for visiting researchers. Visitors are encouraged to bring in their own desktop or laptop computers. MAST Laboratory staff are available to assist the researchers and project personnel with setting up and configuring their computers.