Welcome to the NSF PreNEESR Collaborative Research Project Website for "Testing and analyses of nonrectangular walls
under multi-directional loads". This project includes experiments of two nonrectangular T-shaped walls (NTW1, NTW2) and three rectangular walls (RWN, RWS, RWC)

Project Experiments at NEESMinnesota

t-wallTests on all walls are complete and the data is curated and available from NEEShub.

NTW1 is a 1/2-scale reinforced concrete nonrectangular wall subassemblage subjected to multi-directional loading representing the bottom four stories of a prototype T-shaped shear wall from a six-story office building. The wall was designed according to ACI 318-02 requirements for Seismic Design Category D. NTW2 is a 1/2-scale subassemblage of the bottom two stories of the six-story prototype office building. Differences between NTW1 and NTW2 include the reinforcement anchorage (spliced bars above 1st floor), distribution of vertical wall reinforcement (uniformly distributed in flage), and extended confinement region.

The three rectangular walls featured different boundary conditions between the wall and the foundation. They are being used to investigate the effect of continuous (RWN), mechanically connected (RWC), and spliced (RWS) longitudinal reinforcement at the wall/foundation interface. It is anticipated that the different reinforcement details will have an effect on the plastic hinge length and the resulting flexural (deformation) response including the damage state, of the wall systems. 

All of the walls were instrumented to investigate the deformation components that can be attributed to flexure, shear, and strain penetration effects. NTW1 instrumentation included over 200 strain gages, 190 voltage channels (string pots and LVDTs) and over 60 Krypton sensors to measure 3D movements.


  • NSF CMS0324504 (UMN)
  • NSF CMS0324559 (IA State)
  • NSF CMS0324473 (UPR Mayaguez)
  • EFCO - Formwork/shoring
  • Ivy Steel & Wire - #2 Dfmd Wire
  • HRC - Threaded Couplers
  • OU Fears Laboratory - Stringpots
  • Advanced Shoring - Addtl. shoring


  • April 26-May2 2006, 2006 - RWN Test
  • June 15-28, 2006 - NTW1 Test
  • August 7-11 2006 - RWC Test
  • August 28-30 2006 - RWS Test
  • Nov 28-Dec 6 2007 - NTW2 Test

Current Test Status

All tests complete with data curated and available from NEEShub.