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  • Rendering of T-Wall & MAST System
  • T-Wall NTW1 waiting to be tested
  • Grouting NTW1 crosshead
  • Real UMN Gophers live in crossheads
  • Rectangular wall RWS & RWC July 2006
  • Another early morning concrete pour

     Welcome to the University of Minnesota's Multi-Axial Subassemblage Testing (MAST) Laboratory, a member of the George E, Brown, Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES). Researchers use the MAST Lab's equipment to twist, compress or stretch components of large structures such as buildings or bridges in order to study what happens to them during earthquakes and other extreme events.

MAST Lab Rendering Proposal Writer's Guide (v3.1)
   Posted January 4, 2010
This guide contains information about the MAST system, examples of test specimens, site access policies, and budget and schedule considerations that a researcher preparing an NSF proposal may find helpful. As we continuously improve and expand the contents of this guide, please check back periodically for new versions of the guide.

MAST Lab Rendering MAST 3D CAD Drawing
   Posted January 26, 2007
A 3D rendering of the MAST system is available for download. This drawing can be used for presentation or for preparing figures in research proposals.
Download the CAD drawing. The drawing format is DWG.